noob blogging.


Unwanted Bumlife

Hello, stranger.

I am once again giving this blog another try. Why? Because my friends have started their own blogs so I figured, I want to try this once more. I know that blogging really isn’t for me. None of my previous blogs lasted for more than a year. Not even 6 months, I think. Then again, there’s no harm in trying. Once I become too lazy, I can easily abandon this blog just like I did with all my other blogs, right?

I guess I am also preparing myself for the bum life which I think would last for about two or three months. I HOPE NOT… but they say finding a job is really hard nowadays. It usually takes that long before you can find a job so I am just expecting the worst. Still, I hope I find a job within a shorter period of time. I need to earn money. No. I NEED TO GET A LIFE.

I mean, seriously, FUCK JOB HUNTING. I haven’t even started but it’s driving me insane already. Oh well. Wish me luck.