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A part of me almost died this week. I thought I lost my dog. Well, on second thought, I DID lose him. xD but I got him back. 🙂

Two days ago, Shiro (the dog) managed to magically get out of this house. Until now, no one knows how he did that, but he did. It was fucking insane. I thought I would never see him again. My boyfriend was here and he witnessed how I went from nervous, to angry, to a crybaby. My emotions went wild, I tell you. To think that I would lose my dog THAT fast was something I can never accept. I cried like a bitch. For two days. Straight. I didn’t know that too much crying will cause someone to throw up. Seriously. It was the first time in YEARS that I threw up. The feeling is just… crap.

I got him back. How? Reward money. I swear I am thankful that the person who had Shiro decided to give him back, but quite disappointed that he only did that when he heard about the reward. I just know that he had no intentions of giving the dog back had it not been for the reward money. He’s always at our village. For sure, the news about whoever owns the lost dog (probably the dog HE found) reached him. It took him two fucking days. -.-

I love dogs. REALLY. I remember when my other dog, Shinchan (yes, I named him that), caught a virus. The vet told me that his survival was 50/50. I fucking cried, okay? I cried my heart out. Thank God, he was able to survive that. The virus can’t be cured though. There are times that Shinchan feels intense pain and I’d have to rush him to the vet but that’s okay. As long as he’s still here. 🙂 So there, story of my pathetic life with dogs. 🙂

This is why you can never make me watch Marley & Me. Hell to the No.


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